48 UAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants in Spain, 2017


Applications are welcomed for the European P-SPHERE Postdoctoral Fellowships, composed by the UAB and with investment of UAB-CIE part focuses. The venture will offer 3 years postdoctoral partnership to an aggregate of 48 experienced analysts under Cofund Marie Sk?odowska-Curie Actions

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48 UAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants in Spain, 2017

The P-SPHERE venture is a long haul program in which two calls will be opened to draw in experienced scientists, with same transnational versatility required by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie program.

The COFUND program, which frames some portion of the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions program, intends to persuade territorial, national and global projects which encourage brilliance in the preparation, portability and expert change of analysts.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona otherwise called UAB is a state funded college for the most part situated in Cerdanyola del Vallès, close to the city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. The UAB is thought to be the best University in Spain by the 2012 QS World University Rankings,[1] which positioned the college 176th by and large on the planet. Its subject rankings were: 144th in Life Sciences and Biomedicine, 92nd[clarification needed] in Arts and Humanities, 106th in Natural Sciences, 95th in Social Sciences and 203rd in Engineering and IT.

Course Level: Fellowships are accessible to seek after postdoctoral program.

Study Subject: The P-SPHERE program is explained around five multidisciplinary areas, including transversal innovations: Food, Health, Smart and Sustainable Cities, Cultural Heritage and Materials and Energy.

48 UAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants in Spain, 2017

Scholarship Award: P-SPHERE colleagues will get a three-year working contract. The position is situated in Bellaterra, Barcelona (Spain).

Aggressive pay bundle for Post Doc is offered including:

– Living stipend of 36.100€/year (net pay)

– Single movement installment of 3000€.

To the previously mentioned sums, assessments will be deducted. Duties connected change contingent upon numerous individual variables, you can check your rate at https://www2.agenciatributaria.gob.es/wcl/PRET-R151/index.zul.

The arrangement suggests section into the Spain’s Civil Service Pension Fund. Government managed savings and medical coverage are secured by the compensation.

Other financing (excluded in the pay)

– Research exercises: up to 3.600€/year

– Mobility exercises: up to 3.600€/year

Number of Scholarships: The venture, will offer 3 years partnerships to an aggregate of 48 colleagues which will have the chance to build up their analyst’s professions in a magnificent situation. The P-SPHERE program will offer 48 partnerships in two calls. The second call offers 24 partnerships.

Scholarship can be taken in Spain

48 UAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants in Spain, 2017

Qualification: The accompanying criteria must be met with the goal for candidates to be qualified for the grant:

Qualified competitors

• Applicants must be PhD holder at call due date

• Applicants must not have dwelled or completed their primary action (work, examines, and so forth) in Spain for over a year in the three years promptly preceding the call due date

Nationality: International candidates are qualified to apply for these partnerships.

College Admission Requirement

Passage Requirements: Applicants must be Ph.D. holder at call due date.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first dialect is not English are generally required to give proof of capability in English at the more elevated amount required by the University.

Spain Scholarships

How to Apply: Eligible applications

• Applications have been submitted in English before the due date

• Proposals contain all the required documentation

The total application involves:

• A testament of the scholarly transcript for the degree capabilities o Copy of the PhD accreditation o affirmation

• Signed assertion expressing not have lived/worked in Spain over a year amid the 3 years preceding the call’s due date

• Extended CV (5 pages and up to two proposal letters)

• Proposed look into venture (max 12 pages including references)

I. Outline and Objectives (1 page)

ii. Cutting edge (1 page)

iii. Expected advance past the State of the craftsmanship (1 page)

iv. Research Methodology and Approach (2 pages)

v. Workplan, Gantt diagram and Resources (3 pages)

vi. Expected Impact on Applicant Career Development (1 page)

vii. Moral Issues (1 page)

viii. References (2 pages)

48 UAB Postdoctoral Fellowships for International Applicants in Spain, 2017

Applications must be submitted electronically. Extensions must be connected as pdf documents.

Add 1: Ph.D. accreditation

Add 2: Declaration of versatility

Add 3: Extended CV

Add 4: Recommendation Letter

Add 5: Research venture

Add 6: Ethical Issue Table

Application Form

Application Deadline: Fellowship application due date is October 6, 2017.

Scholarship Link: http://www.uab.cat/web/research/p-sphere/introduction-1345688666835.html

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