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SCHOLARSHIPSHUNT.COM is founded to help the students to find the best international scholarships around the globe against their majors/subjects. We help the students to secure scholarships and financial aids. We catch and publish the latest scholarships, financial aids and grants round the clock.

We publish the verified and correct information in understandable format so students can easily grab the opportunities.

“Our aim is ‘Education for all’. We promise to the students around the globe that we will offer our services for their betterment and bright future.”


We are working to empowerment of students by providing them right paths. We open our doors for partners from any organization that have same mission, vision or objective. We already received support from different Educational Ministries, NGOs, Portal and platforms. Here is our few partners.

Advisor: www.MubashirAli.com

Technical Partner: S&S-RANKWEBHOST.INC

Hosting Partner: www.rankwebhost.com

Electronic Skill Partner: www.eskill.pk

If you wish to become our partner, please email us on info.scholarshipshunt@gmail.com